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Vol. 8 (March 2006)

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Preface Yukio Oida (School of Life System Science and Technology, Chukyo University)

Special Issue
JAEE International Symposium 2005 on Health Benefit of Physical Activity and Health Service in Community and Workplace
Shuichi Kimura (International Life Sciences Institute of Japan)

Physical fitness and non-communicable diseases in Americans: the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study (ACLS)
Blair, S.N. (The Cooper Institute)

Physical fitness and non-communicable diseases in Japanese men: the Tokyo Gas Prospective Study
Susumu Sawada (Health Promotion Center, Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd.)

Effects of Primary Care and Technology-Based Interventions on Physical Activity and Nutrition: Two PACE Studies of Adolescents and Overweight Women
Sallis, J.F. (San Diego State University)

Effect of Lifestyle Modification Program on Physical Activity and Nutrition Behavior and Risk Factors for Chronic Diseases in High risk Middle-Aged Male Workers
Takashi Arao (Division of Exercise Epidemiology, Department of Sports Sciences, Waseda University)

A non face-to-face program using mail to encourage nutritional and physical activity changes in the community: Development of internet support system for a counselor
Yukio Yamaguchi, et al. (Faculty of Sports and Health Science, Fukuoka University)

The new disease preventive service by telephone in co-operation with industrial physicians
Shigeo Okamoto (Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company)

“Health checkup method by physical exercise functional test” The new medical examination follow-up program
Tsutomu Kuchiki (Wellness Development Section, Meiji Yasuda Life Foundation of Health and Welfare)

“TAKE 10! for Elderly” Support Program to Sustain “Self-Help” Lives of the Elderly
Takashi Togami, et al. (ILSI Center for Health Promotion of Japan)

Promotion of "Healthy Japan 21" and prevention of life style relating diseases
Hiroshi Yanagawa (Saitama Prefectural University)

Program Evaluation in Health Japan 21
Takashi Sako (Matsusaka section of public health and welfare, Mie Prefecture)

New strategy for Lifestyle-related diseases prevention
Kazuyo Tsushita (Aichi Health Plaza)

New services for prevention of ADL impairment in the elderly on the public nursing-care insurance
Yukio Oida (School of Life System Science and Technology, Chukyo University)


The Sixth Seminar of Exercise Epidemiology