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Vol. 5 (March 2003)

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Preface Takashi Arao (Physical Fitness Research Institute, Meiji Life Foundation of Health and Welfare)

Report of the Physical Activity Research of the Japan Arteriosclerosis Longitudinal Study
Yoshihiko Naito (Osaka Medical Center for Health Science and Promotion)

Special Lecture
Methods in Nutritional Epidemiology
Yoshitaka Tsubono (Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine)

Symposium: Practical Approach for Promoting Physical Activity, from Evaluation to Practice Current Aspects on Physical Activity Promotion
Yoshio Nakamura (Waseda University)

A Community-based Approach to Promote Physical Activity Level of the Residents
Jung Su Lee (The University of Tokyo)

Health Promotion Program in the Work Place
Michiko Suto (Wellness Center SONY Co.)

What Is the Challenge Day: Its Outline and Impact
Shiro Sato (Sasagawa Sports Foundation)

Approach Based on Behavioral Science for Promotion of Physical Activity and Exercise
Koichiro Oka (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology)

Original Article
Number of Steps in A Day, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, and Life-style Related Diseases in Japanese Men: A Prospective Study: Tokyo Gas Study
Susumu Sawada (Tokyo Gas Health Promotion Center)

Relationship between Daily Walking Activity and Risk Factors for Lifestyle-related Disease in Ajinomoto Co., Inc
Yukiko Naganuma (Ajinomoto Health Insurance Association)

The Association between Visceral Fat and Cardiovascular Fitness in Metabolic Fitness of the Patients with Glucose Intorelance
Mayumi Nagano (Kyushu University)

Development of the Walking Program Including Behavioral Intervention
Noriko Takeda (Waseda Univeristy)

Cross-sectional Study on Physical and Mental Factors for Falls with Some Injuries in Community-based Elderly Population
Tomoko Hatayama (Kyushu University)

The Third Seminar of Exercise Epidemiology