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Vol. 2 Supplement (November 2000)

Editorial Shoji Shinkai

A Comparison of Functional Fitness Between Japanese and Korean Older People
Hunkyung Kim, et al.

Physical Function Tests in the National Institute for Longevity Sciences Longitudinal Study of Aging(NILS-LSA)
Naoakira Niino, et al.

Relationships of Resting Blood Pressure with Abdominal Fat Accumulation, Insulin Resistance, and Physical Fitness in Impaired Glucose Tolerance and
Non-Insulin Dependent (Type2) Diabetes Mellitus
Yuko Kai, et al.

Physical Fitness Levels Necessary for Physical Independence in 80-year-old Men and Women.
Yasuo Kimura, et al.

5m-Walking Speed as a Good Predictor for Active Life Expectancy in Older Adults.
Shoji Shinkai, et al.

Relationship Between Functional Fitness Level and 6 year Change in Functional Health Status or Mortality in Community − Dwelling Elderly
Toshiya Nagamatsu, et al.

Effect of Exercise Training on Functional Fitness in Older People: Sendai Silver Center Trial(SSCT).
Kazuki Fujita, et al.

The Productivity of Older Workers: The Role of Exercise
Roy J. Shephard