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Vol. 18 No.1 (March 2016)

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Preface Yoshio Nakata (Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba) [ PDF ]

Original Article

Association of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior with Falls in Japanese Community-dwelling Older Adults: a 1-year Prospective Cohort Study
Jun Kitayuguchi, et al. (Physical Education and Medicine Research Center UNNAN, Department of Environmental Symbiotic Studies, Tokyo University of Agriculture)

p.1-14 [ PDF ]

The Effect of Changes of Physical Activity on Health-related Quality of Life in Community-dwelling Elderly: Longitudinal Study that Focuses on Mediation of Exercise Self-efficacy

Haruna Hirai, et al. (Keigakukai Minami Osaka Hospital)

p.15-22 [ PDF ]

Practice Article

International Comparison of the National Prevalence Study and Guidelines on Physical Activity in Adults among Some Asian Countries

Wan Mohd Nurussabah Bin Abd Karim, et al. (Kuala Muda Health District Office, Kedah/Nutrition Division, Ministry of Health)

p.23-29 [ PDF ]

SMART Diet, a Group-based Weight-loss Program, for Overweight and Obese Adults: JAEE Research Project “Evidence from Intervention Studies”
Yoshio Nakata, et al. (Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba)
p.30-35 [ PDF ]

Home-based Exercise Program by Mail for Alleviation of Knee Pain: JAEE Research Project “Evidence from Intervention Studies”
Tomoko Hatayama, et al. (Faculty of Humanities, Nanzan University)
p.36-46 [ PDF ]

Secondary Publication
Characteristics of Accelerometry Respondents to a Mail-Based Surveillance Study: Secondary Publication in Japanese language of an Original English Article Published in the Journal of Epidemiology

Shigeru Inoue, et al. (Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Tokyo Medical University)

p.47-55 [ PDF ]