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Vol. 11 (March 2009)

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Preface Susumu S. Sawada (Tokyo Gas Co., LTD, Department of Safety, Health and Welfare)

Relationship between Metabolic Syndrome and C-reactive Protein in Japanese Diabetic Men: Impacts of Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Visceral Fat Area
Hiroyo Kishimoto, et al. (Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University)
p.1-7 [ PDF ]

Association of Sports Participation and Mortality:an Ecological Study
Yosuke Shibata, et al. (Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine)
p.8-16 [ PDF ]

Introductory Review
“Must Read Papers 20” in Physical Activity and Exercise Epidemiology
Fujimi Takeda-Imai, et al. (Department of Environmental and Occupational Health,Toho University School of Medicine)
p.17-27 [ PDF ]

The 11th annual conference of the Japanese Association of Exercise Epidemiology
Special Lecture

Epidemiology in Japan -Hope for further Development of the Japanese Association of Exercise Epidemiology-
Kazunori Kodama (Chief Scientist, Radiation Effects Research Foundation)

Symposium 1: The Various Problems on Metabolic Syndrome
Measures of Obesity and Prognosis -Findings from the Adult Health Study-
Fumiyoshi Kasagi, et al. (Epidemiology, Radiation Effects Research Foundation)

Metabolic Syndrome and its Definition: is it Practical?
Isao Saito (Department of Public Health, Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine)

Effectiveness of Physical Activity on Metabolic Syndrome
Yoshihiko Naito (School of Human Environmental Sciences, Mukogawa Women's University)

Symposium 2: What is the Effective Approach for the Lifestyle Modification?
Health Promotion Plan in Hiroshima City "Genkijaken Hiroshima 21"
Minoru Nakamoto, et al. (Hiroshima City Higashi Health Center)

Program for Community
Yuko Kai, et al. (Physical Fitness Research Institute, Meiji Yasuda Life Foundation of Health and Welfare)

Program at a Health Promotion Center
Mieko Irie, et al. (Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Casualty Council Health Management & Promotion Center)

Program for Work Sites
Mika Kimura, et al. (Center for Health Promotion, International Life Sciences Institute Japan)

Effectiveness of a Computer-tailored Print Based Intervention for Nutritional and Physical Activity Change
Yukio Yamaguchi (Faculty of Sport & Health Science, Fukuoka University)

Moving Ability and the Risk of Long-term Care Need:Tomi Cohort Study on Eight Years
Shinpei Okada, et al. (Physical Education and Medicine Research Foundation)

Relationship between Depression Symptoms and Physical Fitness in Young Men at the Workplace
Akio Kubota, et al. (Shizuoka Health Institute)

Daily Step Counts among Adults who Exercise more than 4METs・hours/week as Recommended by the Exercise and Physical Activity Reference for
Health Promotion 2006
Kaori Ishii, et al. (Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Tokyo Medical University)

The 9th Seminar of Exercise Epidemiology